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Pillar Week

Eagle Ridge Academy 11111 Bren Road W, Minnetonka

PILLAR WEEK SPONSORED BY STUDENT SENATE Monday 3/21: Team Day (Citizenship) - Wear a team jersey! Tuesday 3/22: Future Career Day (Perseverance) - Wear an outfit you would wear in your future career! Wednesday 3/23: Support a Cause Day (Honor) - Wear a shirt/colors of a cause you support! Thursday 3/24: College Wear/Historical Figure for […]

Seventh and Eighth Grade Pillar Assembly – FORMAL DRESS

Eagle Ridge Academy 11111 Bren Road W, Minnetonka

Seventh and eighth graders will meet in the Auditorium during Advisory for a student recognition assembly from 2:41 - 3:10 p.m. Formal dress is required on Pillar Assembly days. See list of Pillar Assembly days below: 6th grade 7th and 8th Grade School of Rhetoric 1/25/2022 1/26/2022 1/27/2022 2/22/2022 2/23/2022 2/24/2022 3/22/2022 3/23/2022 3/24/2022 4/26/2022