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The 2022 Board Candidate Forum will be held in person in the Eagle Ridge Academy Forum on Thursday, April 21, at 6:00 p.m. The Board Candidate Forum will also be livestreamed via Zoom and recorded for those who are unable to attend in person, though all nominees must attend the Board Candidate Forum in person. The Zoom meeting facilitators will be utilizing a Google Form to take audience questions to be asked of the candidates in the live meeting. Voting will begin after the conclusion of the Board Candidate Forum. View the 2022 Board of Directors Election Guide and see below for more information on the Board Candidate Forum.

Welcome and Introduction: Jason Ulbrich

Moderator: Matthew Berg

Time Keeper: TBD

Question Organizer: TBD

Board of Directors Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 812 4214 0622

Passcode: ERA2020

Candidates will receive the three questions below ahead of time to prepare answers prior to the live Board Candidate Forum. Candidates will be given one minute to answer each question. The timekeeper will raise their hand to signal there are 15 seconds remaining.

1. The role of the Board is strategic in nature, while the role of the

Administration is more operational. Given that, how would you ensure the Board stays focused on strategic issues and opportunities while empowering the Administration to handle the day-to-day operations of the Academy? How would you ensure balance between the two?

2. What does the Board of Directors need to continue to aspire to do, think,

and discuss to ensure that the Academy stays true to our Classical mission and vision?

3. Eagle Ridge Academy will offer an academically rigorous, time-tested

Classical, liberal arts curriculum that:

  • prepares students to be exemplary and knowledgeable citizens;
  • instills a life-long passion for learning;
  • values self-discipline, respect, perseverance, and achievement;
  • teaches truth, beauty and goodness; and
  • fosters an appreciation for the United States of America and her unique role in the world.

On which aspect do you believe the Academy shows the most strength? On which aspect, if any, do you believe the Academy needs to improve?

After candidates answer the questions above, there will be time for questions from audience members. Candidates may raise their hand to volunteer to answer first. After that, the same order will be used from question three (above) to allow remaining candidates to speak. They will each have one minute to answer. Moderation of time will be the same as above.

Clare Murray
Clare MurrayBoard Chair, Teacher
Date Seated: 9.24.19
Date Term Expires: 6.30.22

Clare Murray has been a third grade teacher at Eagle Ridge Academy since the 2014-15 school year.  In 2009, she earned a B.A. in Elementary Education from the College of St. Benedict, and she completed her Master’s in Elementary Education at St. Scholastica in 2019.  She also has a Certificate in Literacy Instruction from St. Scholastica.  She has two children, Finnegan and Adeline. Finnegan is a student in the School of Grammar at Eagle Ridge Academy. Prior to serving on the Board of Directors, Clare served as the Team Lead for Third Grade for three years.  Clare is passionate about the liberal arts and Classical education, and she strives to develop her students into lifelong learners. In her free time, she enjoys reading, walking her dogs, and camping with her family. They try to visit at least one national park a year.

April Grabanski
April GrabanskiVice Chair, Teacher
Date Seated: 7.1.13
Date Term Expires: 6.30.22

April Grabanski graduated Summa Cum Laude from North Central University in 2001 with a Bachelor of Arts in Elementary Education and a concentration in Communication Arts. She helped start the Junior High program at Life Academy in Bloomington and worked there for seven years. In June of 2011, she finished her Master’s Degree in Education through Walden University. This is her eighth year teaching 5th grade at Eagle Ridge Academy. She has been on the Board of Directors at Eagle Ridge Academy since 2013 and has served as secretary, vice-chair, and chair during that time. She has two children, Gabriel (6th grade) and Esther (5th grade), who have both attend Eagle Ridge Academy since kindergarten. She is committed to Classical education and has earned a Classical Certificate from Nova Classical Academy, attended several seminars on Classical education, and is currently enrolled in the Classical Teacher Certificate Program at Eagle Ridge Academy. In her spare time, she enjoys gardening with her husband Matthew, playing with her dogs, watching her chickens, going to Twins games, and biking.

David Croson
David CrosonTreasurer, Parent
Date Seated: 7.1.2021
Date Term Expires: 6.30.2023

Coming Soon

Anne Bartow
Anne BartowSecretary, Teacher
Date Seated: 7.01.20
Date Term Expires: 6.30.22

Coming Soon

Matthew Berg
Matthew BergTeacher
Date Seated: 6.30.2021
Date Term Expires: 6.29.2023

Coming Soon

Shanky Krishnan
Shanky KrishnanParent
Date Seated: 5.25.21
Date Term Expires: 6.30.23

Coming Soon

Elizabeth Longo
Elizabeth LongoParent
Date Seated: 6.30.21
Date Term Expires: 6.29.23

Coming soon

Penny Teder
Penny TederParent
Date Seated: 7.1.20
Date Term Expires: 6.30.22

Dr. Teder has two high school students enrolled at ERA. She has volunteered as the Vice President of the PTO and is a mentor for the ERA robotics program. She graduated from St. Olaf college with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. Her clinical experience has been predominately in the areas of oncology, pediatrics, and adolescent behavioral health. Dr. Teder went on to earn Master of Science degrees in both Nursing and Health Informatics as well as a Ph.D. in Health Informatics from the University of Minnesota. She served as Interim Director of Outcomes, Inc. whereby she coordinated in home care for autistic children and their families throughout the Twin Cities area and developed care policies and procedures in compliance with federal regulations. Dr. Teder also worked as a Research Supervisor and Senior Study Coordinator for the Minneapolis Medical Research Foundation where she had the opportunity to oversee FDA clinical trials, write grant proposals, manage budgets, analyze data, and present results from various clinical studies. She currently works as an independent consultant in the areas of medicine, business, and technology.

Haley Thompson
Haley ThompsonTeacher
Date Seated: 6.30.21
Date Term Expires: 6.29.23

Coming Soon

Open Position
Open PositionTeacher
Date Seated:
Date Term Expires:

Coming Soon

Open Position
Open PositionCommunity Member
Date Seated:
Date Term Expires:

Coming Soon

Jason Ulbrich
Jason UlbrichExecutive Director
Ex Officio Member
No Expiration Term