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6th Grade Field Trip | Eagle Bluff

Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Camp 28097 Goodview Drive, Lanesboro

6th Graders will attend a camp at Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Camp. Our curriculum is written to state academic standards and focuses on building STEM, Humanities (history, culture, language arts) and Life Skills (communication, team building, outdoor recreation) knowledge and experience. Each class is hands-on and uses the outdoors as our classroom. Our instructors make […]

Schools of Logic & Rhetoric Student and Parent Panel

Eagle Ridge Academy 11111 Bren Road W, Minnetonka

The Schools of Logic & Rhetoric have put together a panel of parents, students, recent graduates, and graduates who have completed their post-secondary (college) education to talk to families about the importance of an Eagle Ridge Academy education, how it helped them succeed, and answer questions from families. Please join us at any of the […]