School Supply Lists

The 2023-24 school supply lists are provided as well as the link to the School Tool Box kit (K-8).  

Grades K-12 families may use the lists below to purchase items independently. School Tool Box school supply kits are available for grades K-8 to order here.

School Tool Box allows families to customize kits so you pay only for the supplies you need. Expedited shipping options are available, so order today to get supplies before school starts! For families joining after the start of the school year, ordering is open through September. Boxes should be ordered to ship to your home address. Whether purchasing a kit on your own or from School Tool Box, please keep the following in mind:

  • Reuse any non-consumables that are in good working order from previous years (e.g., pencil pouches, rulers, scissors, pencil boxes, pencil sharpeners). If you have any of these supplies on hand, you can customize your School Tool Box order by editing the supply quantities so you are purchasing only the supplies you need.
  • Quality products are encouraged as they last longer, provide the best results, and preserve our school equipment.
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