Scholarship Program

Eagle Ridge Academy prepares students to be exemplary and knowledgeable citizens, instills a life-long passion for learning, and teaches them to value self-discipline, respect, perseverance, and achievement, setting them up for success after high school. Eagle Ridge Academy offers three (3) separate $1,000 scholarships for its graduating seniors interested in pursuing a post-secondary education in a trade school, technical college, college, or university. For external scholarship resources, please click here.

Legacy Scholarship

This one-time $1,000 scholarship is aimed at the well-rounded Eagle Ridge Academy senior who best exemplifies academic achievement, community and service, and demonstration of the pillars. Awarded for leaving a “Legacy” at Eagle Ridge Academy.  This student will have excelled in academics, service, leadership, character, and presence within the school.  The “Legacy” student is one whose presence is missed long after they leave Eagle Ridge Academy due to the contributions they made while they were here.

Fine Arts Scholarship

This one-time $1,000 scholarship is designed specifically for students pursuing post-secondary studies in the fine arts (visual arts or performing arts.) Candidates must be pursuing a career in the arts or arts-related field (i.e. visual arts, musical arts, theatre arts, performing arts).

Marilyn R. Strand Scholarship

This one-time $1,000 scholarship is nomination-based for a student who embodies the values and spirit of Marilyn R. Strand. Marilyn was an employee of Eagle Ridge Academy who was known for her love for others and genuine joy she possessed. She led with a servant’s heart in both the Eagle Ridge Academy and outside community. Intuitive to other’s feeling and needs, she made everyone she met feel valued and loved in her presence. Marilyn left this earth in July 2018. Through contributions from her family, friends, co-workers, and community, her legacy will be live on with the Marilyn R. Strand Scholarship.

Scholarship Criteria

Recipients are selected by members of the Eagle Ridge Academy Scholarship Selection Committee according to the following criteria:

  • Student must have attended Eagle Ridge Academy for a minimum of three (3) years.
  • Student must plan to enroll in a post-secondary school, public or private, in the Fall of 2025.
  • Student must have a high school GPA of 2.75 or higher.
  • Student should be involved with school and/or community volunteer activities.


Fine Arts Scholarship
Legacy Scholarship – Closes March 21

Fine Arts

Fine Arts Scholarship
Fine Arts Scholarship Closes March 21

Marilyn R. Strand
Memorial Scholarship

Marilyn Strand Memorial Scholarship
Marilyn R. Strand Scholarship – Closes March 21


All interested and eligible students are encouraged to apply, provided they meet the above criteria. To be eligible for scholarship consideration, the following components must be submitted:

  • Completed Student Application
  • Two letters of recommendation from a person who can attest to your academic achievement, overall character, and demonstration of the pillars.
  • LEGACY SCHOLARSHIP ONLY: An essay of no more than 500 words. The top three candidates will move forward for an interview with the selection committee.
  • FINE ARTS SCHOLARSHIP ONLY: A presentation of the student’s medium of choice in formal presentation to the selection committee [visual arts display (digital or actual portfolio) or performance].
  • MARILYN R. STRAND SCHOLARSHIP ONLY: Students are nominated by Eagle Ridge Academy faculty or staff. Students who are nominated are contacted and invited to fill out an application, including an essay of no more than 500 words, two letters of recommendation (one from ERA staff and one from outside community). The top three candidates will move forward for an interview with the selection committee.

Application Timeline

  • Applications will be available online between February 12 and March 21. Applications must be submitted electronically no later than 9:00 p.m. on March 21.
  • Presentations and Interviews: Week of April 15.
  • Applicants will be notified the week of April 22.


Applications will be reviewed by members of the Eagle Ridge Academy Scholarship Selection Committee, who will collectively determine scholarship recipients.


A certificate and award letter will be presented to each scholarship recipient at the student/parent Senior Breakfast and at the Upper School Awards Ceremony.

Scholarship Payment

Scholarship will be made directly to the institution’s business office after students complete their first semester (or second quarter) of post-secondary education. Click here for instructions on how to claim your scholarship.


Funding for the Legacy Scholarship, the Fine Arts Scholarship, and the Marilyn R. Strand Scholarship is provided through generous donations from individuals and corporations in the Eagle Ridge Academy community.

For additional information, please contact Linda Kaiser at Eagle Ridge Academy at 952-746-7760, ext. 2127 or by email at

If you would like to contribute to the scholarship fund in support of Eagle Ridge Academy’s future scholars, please visit the link below:

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