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Parent Teacher Organization

Your new board welcomes you to the 2017-18 School Year!

“Changing things up to meet the Changing needs of our Community”

Engaged Parents

Supported Teachers

Fun Student Events

We look forward to meeting you!

Please print the form to fill out and mail in your Annual Contribution (formerly called dues) and/or drop off in the main office: PTO Annual Contribution form

PTO Annual Contribution (formerly called dues) can also be paid online via Square Pay. Credit card payment will be available at Meet Your Teacher nights at the PTO information tables.



NEXT USED UNIFORM SALE – Feb. 19, 10:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Want to volunteer? Email us! Sign-up Genius available soon.

Thank you to all who attended the July uniform sale. All of the tagged uniform pieces are in storage for the next uniform sale.

Your new 2017/18 PTO Board has been elected and planning has begun for the 2017/18 School Year:

  • President: Kelli TenPas
  • Vice-President: Merry Jo Orr
  • Co-Secretaries: Resmy Kurian and Sonia Pandey
  • Community Engagement Coordinators: Jodie Greer and Karen Ogelsby
  • Treasurer: Christie Wills
  • Teacher Rep: Jessica Bergeron

Would you like to join us? Please email us at

PTO Quarterly Meeting Minutes & Documents

Parent Volunteers Needed: TBD
Come and volunteer for a couple of hours with other parents cutting and counting redemption items brought in by students.

Click here to sign up to volunteer
Location: ERA Lunchroom
PTO Contact: Staci Long

2016-17 ERA Redemption Contest:
Bring all your redemption items you have been saving to your classroom teacher or drop them off at the collection bin at the front doors of the upper school office. Please label your submission with your teacher’s / advisor’s first initial and last name.

PTO Redemption Program Coordinators: Staci Long, Candy Gehrmann, and Jodi Hogan

Items we collect in our Redemption Program:

Box Tops for Education:


BTFE Participating Products:

Labels for Education:


LFE Participating Products:

Coke Rewards:


Coke Reward Participating Products: Coke, Sprite, Dasani, Powerade, Minute Maid, Fanta, Barq’s, Fresca, Pibb. MelloYello, Fuse, Seagrams and Tab

Tyson Chicken Project A+ Labels:


Tyson Participating Products:

Loaves 4 Learning (from Country/Village Hearth Breads):


Loaves 4 Learning Participating Products:

Milk Moola:


Milk Moola Participating Products:

  • Whole Milk (Homogenized)
  • 2% Reduced Fat Milk
  • 1% Low-fat Milk
  • Fat Free Skim Milk
  • Chocolate Flavored Milk
  • Strawberry Flavored Milk
  • Orange Juice, from 100% juice concentrate
  • Nature’s Touch Drinking Water
  • Nature’s Touch Egg Nog (Seasonal)
  • Kwik Quencher® Iced Tea – Gallons
  • Kwik Quencher Lemonade – Gallons

*Sizes include: Bags, gallons, ½ gallons, quarts, pints and ½ pints. Sizes do vary per product, always be sure to look for the Milk Moola logo on the cap or bag top.

Used Ink Cartridges/Old Cell Phones:

This website doesn’t have a lot of information, but we can take both ink cartridges and cell phones.

The PTO directory is a voluntary collection of family contact information collected by the PTO and distributed to Eagle Ridge Academy families each school year. The directory is password protected; please refer to the email sent on Nov. 15 at 9:00 am for password.

Submit your contact information for the 2017-18 Grade Level Directory here.

PTO Car Pool Interest Form – CLICK HERE

*The PTO will provide you with potential matches for carpooling.

PTO Spirit Wear 

Click here for the order form for 2017-18 PTO Spirit Wear. Order by Sept. 20 to receive by the October spirit wear date.

Coming soon!


There are times when families in our community experience difficult life circumstances. This bulletin board is a place to post Sign Up Genius links or links to other resources or information within our community of families. Please email us at if you have something you would like posted, and the PTO will consider and determine if it fits the criteria. All requests will be strictly at the discretion of the PTO and ERA Administration.

2016-17 ERA PTO Annual Contribution (formerly called “Dues”)

Thank you for your contribution to the Eagle Ridge academy PTO.
Your financial contribution funds many community and teacher events throughout the year, including:

  • Back To School Picnic
  • Staff Development and Conference Meals
  • Staff Winter Party
  • Teacher Appreciation Week – meals & gift
  • K-5 Grade Level Get-togethers
  • Microphones for School Productions
  • Last Day of School Ice Cream Truck
  • Senior Dinner following Graduation
  • Refreshments for school events

The suggested tax deductible donation is $25 or more per family. PTO Annual Contribution (formerly called dues) can also be paid online via Square Pay, or if you prefer, you may print our Mail In Donation Form.

Back by popular demand!

As a thank you for contributing to the PTO, you will receive two ERA window clings.
If paying online, window clings will be available for pick up at our kick-off event and back to school events. Clings can be purchased separately 2/$5.00 at all events.

Redemption Program (Box Tops…)
Parent Volunteers are needed at various times throughout the year. This group currently meets on Wednesdays from 8am-10am in the ERA Cafe.

2015-16 PTO Events Volunteer Interest Form

Volunteer 5 Times“Give Us 5 Events” Volunteer Program

CLICK HERE for a complete list of volunteer opportunities at ERA.

Official Facebook Pages:

Official Eagle Ridge Academy (ERA) Facebook Page

Official ERA Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) Facebook Page

These are Pages and are OPEN to the public. Like each page and opt to receive notifications to stay updated.

Parent-Run Facebook Groups (not endorsed by ERA or the PTO):

Connect with other ERA families on Facebook! The parent-run pages listed below are a great way to get to know the other parents in your child’s grade and to discuss activities & events. If you know of any other groups that should be included in this list, please email the PTO

Click on the +JOIN GROUP button. Please introduce yourself to the admin by messaging them with your name and your children’s grades at ERA. These groups are all CLOSED, which means that anyone can find the group and see who is in it, but only group members can see what is posted. Membership is open only to ERA families and not the public. Once the admin approves your request, then you can access the group.

Facebook Groups:

Eagle Ridge Academy of Eden Prairie Clothing Exchange – Open to all ERA Families to buy and/or sell Eagle Ridge Uniform Items

ERA Parents of K – 12 – Families of all ERA students

ERA Parents of 2018 – 12th grade

ERA Parents of 2019 – 11th grade

ERA Parents of 2020 – 10th grade

ERA Parents of 2021 – 9th grade

ERA Parents of 2022 – 8th grade

ERA Parents of 2023 – 7th grade

ERA Parents of 2024 – 6th grade

ERA Parents of 2025 – 5th grade

ERA Parents of 2026 – 4th grade

ERA Parents of 2027 – 3rd grade

ERA Parents of 2028 – 2nd grade

ERA Parents of 2029 – 1st grade

ERA Parents of 2030 – Kindergarten

PTO BYLAWS (Amended 3.13.14)

Further Defined Duties of the roles:

8.2 President. The President will:

a) Preside at all Board, General and Special meetings;

b) Cooperate with the Director of Eagle Ridge Academy and the school’s Board of Directors to maintain a supportive relationship between the school and the PTO;

c) Guide the group in compliance with and pursuit of its mission and goals;

d) Appoint special committees when needed;

e) Provide a summary year-end report of his/her year in office to give the new President.

8.3 Vice-President. The Vice-President will:

a) Act as an aide to the President, upon request, and assume the duties of the President during his/her absence;

b) Preside over the membership enrollment, including conducting an active membership campaign throughout the school year;

c) Sign checks on behalf of the PTO in the absence of the Treasurer;

d) Provide a written year-end report to the new Vice-President.

8.4 Secretary. The Secretary will:

a) Record in written form all business transacted at each meeting of the PTO;

b) attend the majority of PTO meetings;

c) Submit a copy of the minutes to all officers prior to the next meeting;

d) Present the minutes for approval at the General meetings, and ensure they are posted in a timely manner to the PTO website;

e) Keep attendance records for all meetings;

f) Notify PTO members of special meetings called by the Board at least seven (7) days prior to such meetings;

g) Maintain PTO email account and manage email communications;

h) act as a back-up to the Corresponding Secretary in their absence;

i) Provide a written year-end report to the new Secretary.

8.5 Treasurer. The Treasurer will:

a) Handle all funds of the PTO and will give a financial report of the collections and expenditures and call attention to any unusual items at each General and Board meeting;

b) Provide a written Year-to-Date and annual financial statement at each PTO general meeting;

c) Sign all checks on behalf of the PTO;

d) Maintain an accurate account of all receipts, disbursements and other pertinent financial information as it pertains to events and purchases sponsored by the PTO;

e) Disburse funds approved by the Board. All members of the Board must be notified of requests for reimbursement of non-budgeted items up to $50.00 without membership approval. A majority of the Board must approve the purchase;

f) File required tax forms by the end of the fiscal year;

g) Provide a written year-end report to the new Treasurer.

8.6 Corresponding Secretary. The Corresponding Secretary will:

a) Act as back-up to the Secretary in the Secretary’s absence;

b) attend the majority of PTO meetings;

c) prepare any electronic correspondence and publicity for the organization as needed, including website maintenance/freshness, Facebook pages, and periodic newsletters; (approx. 2 hours per month)

d) Conduct the fall PTO Drive; (approx. 2-3 hours in August)

e) Prepare the Family/School Directory as soon as possible after the start of the school year; (approx. 15 hours in October)

f) Coordinate and manage Give To The Max Day and the associated website; (approx. 10-15 hours in November)

g) Coordinate and manage the online auction part of the GALA; (approx. 15-25 hours in February)

h) Submit a written report detailing responsibility and recommendations to the future board by fiscal year end.

8.7 Volunteer Coordinator. The Volunteer Coordinator will:

a) Develop and maintain a list of volunteers compiled from a PTO questionnaire sent out at the beginning of the school year;

b) Work with school staff to upload family information into a Volunteer database;

c) Disperse volunteer lists to appropriate committee chairs;

d) Recruit chairs and volunteers as needed for the PTO committees and events;

e) Maintain updated list of committees and coordinator positions and responsibilities related to each;

f) Submit a written report detailing responsibility and recommendations to the future board by fiscal year end.

8.8 Teacher Liaison. The Teacher Liaison (a current Eagle Ridge Faculty member) will:

a) Attend or send a representative to all general membership PTO meetings;

b) Act as advisor and liaison between faculty/staff and the PTO;

c) Help maintain open lines of communication between parents and teachers;

d) Help coordinate PTO-sponsored activities in the classroom;

e) Report on current Teacher activities within Eagle Ridge Academy;

f) Report to teachers on PTO activities.

9.2 Fundraising Coordinator. The Fundraising Coordinator(s), if any, will:

a) Advertise and promote the fundraising efforts approved by the Executive Board of the PTO;

b) Ensure that fundraising activities comply with the purpose, goals and bylaws of the PTO;

c) Inform the Executive Board at least monthly of current fundraising activities;

d) coordinate large fundraising efforts such as GALA, GTTM.

d) Attend or send a representative to all general PTO meetings in which fundraising activities will be discussed.

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