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How to Set Up Your Silent Dismissal Account (PDF)
How to Change Your Child’s Mode of Transportation in Silent Dismissal (PDF)

Eagle Ridge Academy is excited to announce that we will be using Silent Dismissal for all K-5 student dismissal this school year. Silent Dismissal is an end-of-day student dismissal system that enables students to get to where they need to go (car pick-up, bus pick-up, or after-school clubs) in an orderly, safe fashion. Eagle Ridge Academy has chosen to implement this system for two reasons: to increase the safety and speed of end-of-day dismissal and to give parents control over changing their student’s end-of-day destination (example: changing from bus to car pick-up. This replaces last year’s Purple Tag system.)

Parents will receive transportation tags in Back to School Folders at Meet Your Teacher Night on Wednesday, Aug. 22. Two tags are included in the folder: Student Pick Up Numbers. These numbers REPLACE the carpool numbers used in past years. Bus tags are printed on the color paper of the bus rider. Car pick up tags are printed on white paper. Parent Car Pick Up Signs with Pick Up Numbers. These will be used during car pick-up by placing on your car’s dashboard, just like last year. IMPORTANT: Parent signs include a reference number and code that you will use to create your Silent Dismissal account, if needed.

Important note: In the Silent Dismissal system, car pick-up students will be automatically assigned to car pick-up and bus students are automatically assigned to their bus beginning the first day of school. The only times parents will need to make changes in the Silent Dismissal system, using the steps below, are 1) if you wish to switch your child from  their normal bus to car pick up, or 2) if you wish to make arrangements for your child to ride home with another ERA family.

How to Set Up and Use Silent Dismissal

  1. Parents will create their Silent Dismissal account. Follow the steps:
    • Go to OR click the Silent Dismissal Link on the front page of the Eagle Ridge Academy website:
    • Click “Create Parent Account”(small orange text)
    • Fill out the information needed. In order to proceed, you will need to have a valid e-mail address and will need to know their child’s reference number and code (found on Parent Car Pick Up Sign in Back to School Folder) for at least one child. Additional children may be added after your account is created.
    • Press the green “Create Account”button. If everything is correct, you will be directed to your portal page. If not, read the error information provided then try again.
  2. Parents will add any additional siblings to their Silent Dismissal account. Follow the steps:
    • Sign in to existing account
    • Click the “Plus” button next to the section title for students; this will open a dialog box
    • Enter the reference number and code  in the correct boxes. Parent Car Pick Up signs include the school code and student reference code that you will use to create your Silent Dismissal account.
    • Enter the number preceding the dash in the first field
    • Enter the code of uppercase and lowercase letters and numbers in the second field
    • Press the green “Save” button
  3. Parents will use their Silent Dismissal account to make any day-of or future transportation change for their child(ren) by 2:45 pm each school day. After 2:45 pm, the dismissal system locks and for student safety, no further changes may be made.

Questions? Contact Karen Conner, Operations Manager, at