Food Services

Phone: 952-746-7760 x 1312
952-746-7765 (Fax)

For food-related questions, email Brittany Radtke, Chef:

  • What happens if my child forgets his or her lunch?
    • Forgotten lunches (K-5) may be dropped off in the Activities/Health Office. The parent will label the lunch. The lunch will be placed on a cart which will be located directly outside of the Activities/Health Office. A classroom EA or Lunchroom Monitor will collect the lunches as needed. Note: a school lunch will always be provided to any student if they forget their lunch and on is not dropped off at the Activities/Health Office in time. The appropriate fee will be charged to the student’s Infinite Campus account.
  • I have a food allergy? Fill out the following and return to school. Click Here
  • Do I qualify for Free/Reduced Meals? Fill out and return the attached application once it is available on July 1.
  • Where can I find nutritional information (carbs, etc.) for school lunches? Please consult these documents:
    • Breakfast Nutrition (PDF)
    • Lunch Nutrition (PDF)
    • How to use these links. I highly recommend you do not print the document. It has several pages of information which may change frequently. We want to ensure users are getting the most accurate information. The links are live so when an adjustment is made it immediately rolls over to the links.
      • Use the Find Function on your computer:
        • Press and hold the ‘ctrl’ key and press ‘f.’ This opens the ‘find on page’ function.
        • A search bar or window will open at the top of the web browser.
        • Enter your key word to find the menu item you are looking for.
        • Clink the forward arrow to move from one item to the next.
        • Example: search for chicken quesadilla. Type quesadilla and all the quesadillas will be highlighted. Don’t search chicken as there are over 100 chicken recipes.
Please note: menus do not open on iPhones. Please open them on your home computer or Android device.

Gluten-free/Allergen meals will be offered only to families that preorder them in advance and who have completed the Special Dietary Needs form. We are able to make most menu items gluten-free with a one week advance notice which can be given by email:

Vegetarian meals are offered to all students this year. Vegetarian menu items will have a (V) behind the item. Some of the regular menu items are able to be made vegetarian, an example would be (Beefy Nachos with Cheese Sauce (V)) This just means that this item will be offered with beans instead of beef for vegetarians.

All meals are pork-free.

2020-21 Prices:
Breakfast (K-12) – $2.00
K-5th Grade Regular or Vegetarian Lunch – $3.25
6th -12th Grade Regular or Vegetarian Lunch – $3.60
Allergen Meal – $3.75 (Gluten-Free Meals)
Milk / Juice – $.50
Adult Meal – $3.75

September 2020 Breakfast Menu

September 2020 Lunch Menu (Updated 9.11.20)

September 2020 Take Home Meals Menu (Updated 9.11.20)

October 2020 Breakfast Menu

October 2020 Lunch Menu

October 2020 Take Home Meals Menu

To add money into your child’s lunch account, log into the Infinite Campus Parent Portal and follow these steps:

  1. Log into your parent portal account
  2. Choose Food Service form left index
  3. Click pay button
  4. Add amount in far right window next to the student’s name
  5. Add to cart
  6. Click on My Cart
  7. Add payment method or select saved payment method
  8. Submit payment

School Wellness Policy and Plan
For questions, comments, and suggestions regarding the ERA Wellness policy please send emails to Ms. Karen Conner.

School Meal Charge Procedure

Special Dietary Needs Form

Smart Snacks

To file a complaint, write:

USDA Director, Office of Civil Rights
Room 326-W, Whitten Building,
1400 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, D.C. 20250-9410
or call:
1-800-795-3272 (voice)
202-720-6382 (TTY)

USDA is an equal opportunity provider and employer.
In accordance with federal law and U.S. Department of Agriculture policy, this institution is prohibited from discriminating on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age or disability.