Child Care for Tier 1 Critical Care Workers

Contact: Isabelle Kofflin, Student Program Specialist, 

Hello and welcome to essential childcare!

Essential childcare begins after school starts on August 31. Just a reminder, your child will only be in childcare every other week, the alternate week they will be with their teachers. Below are some protocols for childcare that we ask that you follow.


  1. Parents are not allowed to walk students to class or walk into classrooms. This is for their safety as we do not want to mix cohorts. Students will be directed by staff to their classrooms if they need help.
  2. Students must be dropped off between 8:00a.m.-8:15 a.m. and must be picked up between 2:45p.m.-3:05p.m. If you are a staff member, your student may come to the TEL space at 7:30a.m. until school starts at 8:00a.m. This is available Monday- Thursday. Fridays the childcare staff will be meeting so we will be unable to accept staff children until 8:00a.m.

Bus services will not be available to students on days they attend childcare because we are making an effort to mix cohorts as little as possible. There also will not be TEL available to childcare on Fridays. We are not able to send your student to your classroom if you work in the building because we do not want any sort of miscommunication to happen in transit. If your child is not picked up by 3:30p.m., they will be sent to TEL and a $17 charge will be applied to your infinite campus account.

Students can be dropped off by the back TEL door near the tennis courts. A staff member will be at the door ready to receive students. We ask that you drop your students with the staff person, but do not enter the building in an effort to be as contactless as possible.

Childcare is available to parents every regular school day that your child is not with their teacher. This means that even if your child is in the classroom Monday-Thursday, they will still be able to come to childcare that Friday. They will not be able to come to childcare on days that school is not in session. We will do our best to remind parents, but the calendar is also located here if you would like to reference it.

  1. Parents must complete the daily survey about student health prior to sending their child. If your child is not well, they should not be coming to childcare. This puts all our students, staff, and families in danger.
  2. Students must be in uniform during school hours unless there is a dress up day or jeans day.
  3. Students are expected to withhold the pillars of ERA I childcare (citizenship, integrity, perseverance, honor, excellence, and respect). Fix-its are still enforced in childcare, but so are pillar stickers and special drawings for rewards. J

Items to remember to send your child with every day:

  • Laptop
  • Pencils
  • Crayons
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Books to read in downtime
  • Headsets for computers

Breakfast, lunch, and snacks:

Below is the pricing for meals this year. Students should bring their own snacks for the school day as they will not be provided. Students may also bring their own lunches. Also, the link to access the food services page is here in case you have any further questions.

2020-21 Prices:
Breakfast (K-12) – $2.00
K-5th Grade Regular or Vegetarian Lunch – $3.25
6th -12th Grade Regular or Vegetarian Lunch – $3.60
Allergen Meal – $3.75 (Gluten-Free Meals)
Milk / Juice – $.50
Adult Meal – $3.75

Student Handbook:

The student handbook for K-5 is here and 6-12 is here. Students will be expected to follow the guidelines stated here in order to create a cooperative and safe environment during childcare hours.