Back to School 2018-19

August 27, 2018 (Mon.) – First Day – School of Grammar (1-5), 8:00am – 3:00pm

August 28, 2018 (Tues.) – First Day – School of Logic (6-8), 8:00am – 3:09pm

August 28, 2018 (Tues.) – First Day – School of Rhetoric (9-12), 8:00am – 3:09pm

August 30, 2018 (Thurs.) – First Day – Kindergarten, 8:00am – 3:00pm

2018-19 Back to School Launch Packet (PDF)

About the Launch Packet: We made this packet so you may find all the summer information you need in one place. As summer draws near, we know the next school year may be the last thing on your mind. Stay strong, Gryphons! Give yourself the gift of a stress-free break. Take note of all Back to School forms and their deadlines, and get them done on time so that come August, your child is ready to launch!

Update (6/5/2018): A previous version of the packet had an error on page 15, listing incorrect dates for the PTO Back to School Mixer, which will take place the same evening as Meet Your Teacher Night. The correct dates are as follows: Grades 6-12 will take place on Tuesday, Aug. 21 and Grades K-5 will take place on Wednesday, Aug. 22. 

Back to School Checklist

(please use this list with due dates to check off required items as they are completed.)