School of Rhetoric Registration

Greetings! The year is moving quickly, and it is now time to begin the planning process for the 2019-20 school year with course selection and registration.

Our School of Rhetoric offers a comprehensive and challenging curriculum for our scholars, a curriculum that prepares them for their next chosen phase of life.  Whether their path is college, work, or military, we pride ourselves in preparing students to think, speak, and make informed decisions through Classical education.

Our goal is to provide you with the information you and your child need to inform their course-taking decisions. The decisions students make now impacts our staffing and course availability, so please take time to review the course registration guide and make the best decisions possible as you build your high school path. The following is information on the registration timeline, deadlines, and opportunities for support in the process.

Timeline: Students will fill out their online registration through Infinite Campus between Monday, Feb. 11 and Monday, Feb. 18. They will then turn in a paper copy of their registration to their Humanities teacher (Gr. 9-11) or English teacher (Gr. 8) by Tuesday, Feb. 19 to verify their choices.

  • Online Registration Opens Monday, Feb. 11
    • Registration material distributed to grades 8-11.
    • Registration portal opens in Infinite Campus. The registration portal will remain open through Monday, Feb. 18.
    • Students must also complete the paper registration form, to be returned on or before Tuesday, Feb. 19.
  • Paper Registration is Due Tuesday, Feb. 19
    • If students have not returned your registration form by Tuesday, Feb. 19, ERA staff will assign their courses.


  • Password Assistance
    • There will be people in the Upper School commons if your student has lost, forgotten, or encountered other issues with their password.
    • Students should visit on Tuesday, Feb. 12 or Wednesday, Feb. 13 to reset their password if needed.
  • Computer Lab
    • If students wish to register at school, the Upper School computer lab will be available every day this week.
  • Availability
    • If we can assist in any manner in the process, please feel free to send an email to us and we will respond within 24 hours with help.  Please direct questions to Mrs. P. at

We are excited for next year. Thank you for making ERA your child’s school of choice. We believe deeply in our mission, and we know we provide our students with an education that is second to none.

In Gryphon Pride,

Dr. Locklear, Mrs. P, and Ms. Klute

How to Request Courses Through Infinite Campus (Students):

  • Log onto your Infinite Campus account through the Infinite Campus Portal using your username and password.
    • If you do not have a student account, one has been created for you.
      • Username: Student ID #
      • Password: First initial, last initial and birthday ddmmyy (for example Max Brown with a birthday of July 14, 2002 would be mb140702)
  • You may use your parent’s Infinite Campus Account, if needed.
    • Please choose your name from the drop down menu of students at the top.
  • In the left index, choose Course Registration: 19-20 School of Rhetoric.
  • Select Course Search.
    • You may search for a course by name or get a list of course offerings by clicking the button labeled “GO.”
  • Select a course to view.
    • For a required course, choose button labeled “request this course.”
    • For an elective course, choose button labeled “request as an alternate.”
  • For a yearlong course, you must request both the first semester (A) and second semester (B) of the course.
  • To remove a course from your course request list, click on the course. You will see a button labeled “drop this request.”
  • When you have finished requesting your courses, the units should equal (28/32).
2019-2020 course catalog (PDF)


Click here for Course Progression PDF

Science (Chemistry, Biology, and Physics are all required):

  • Chemistry to Biology
  • Biology to either Physics or AP Physics
  • Physics or AP Physics to Science Elective: Anatomy, Astronomy, AP Chemistry, or Introduction to Forensic Science

Math (Geometry and Algebra II are required):

  • Pre-Algebra to Algebra-Linear and Quadratics
  • Algebra to Geometry
  • Geometry to Algebra II
  • Algebra II to AP Statistics, Functions, or Pre-Calculus
  • Pre-Calculus to Functions, AP Statistics, AP Calculus AB, or AP Calculus BC*

World Language: (Class of 2020, 2021, and 2022 must have two years of Latin in the School of Rhetoric, Class of 2023 must complete Latin III.

  • Latin I to Latin II
  • Latin II to Latin III
  • Latin III to CIS Latin or CIS Greek*
  • Spanish I to Spanish II**
  • Spanish II to Spanish III

*Partnered with Nova Classical Academy

**Some students may be able to place into Spanish II by a placement test.