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ERA Fast Facts

Type of School

Eagle Ridge Academy is a K-12, charter public, college preparatory school in the classical tradition, founded in 2004.

Enrollment – 2017-18

Students at Eagle Ridge Academy come from all over the metropolitan area, from as far north as Maple Grove and Robbinsdale, south as Jordan, west as Waconia, and east as Eagan. The majority of our students come from Eden Prairie, Edina, Bloomington, Prior Lake, and Minnetonka. We provide busing within a 15 mile radius of Eagle Ridge Academy.

School Grades Students
School of Grammar K-5th 828
School of Logic 6th-8th 313
School of Rhetoric 9th-12th 250


As a public charter school, Eagle Ridge Academy accepts all students if there are seats available.

Teacher/Student Ratio



84 faculty members, 45% of the faculty have a Master’s Degree and 3% have a Doctorate
92% of faculty offered a contract agreed to return for the following school year.

ACT Averages – Class of 2017

Average composite score – 26.4

Advanced Placement Testing, 2017

In 2017, 78.57% of students taking the Advanced Placement (AP) tests, earned a 3 or higher. Students with such a score qualify for credit or advanced placement at many leading colleges and universities.

Minnesota State Test

3rd Grade 64.8% 56.5%
4th Grade 68.7% 56.8%
5th Grade 75.9% 67.5%
6th Grade 71.7% 63.4%
7th Grade 81.3% 57.5%
8th Grade 77%% 58.7%
10th Grade 83.6% 60.3%
Average 75.3% 60.2%
MATH Eagle Ridge STATE
3rd Grade 86.8% 68.1%
4th Grade 81.7% 66.7%
5th Grade 86.8% 57.1%
6th Grade 76% 55.2%
7th Grade 82.7% 54.9%
8th Grade 70.2% 58%
11th Grade 70.7% 48.3%
Average 79.3% 58.4%
5th Grade 68.2% 59.8%
8th Grade 71.7% 45.7%
High School
80% 56%
Average 73.4% 54.2%


Lower School – 8:00am to 3:00pm
Upper School – 8:00am to 3:09pm

After School Care – The Eagle’s Lair (TEL) Program

TEL is a high quality after school program hosted at Eagle Ridge Academy for K-6 Eagle Ridge families. The hours of operation are 3:00-6:00pm during scheduled school days. Students are provided with small group homework help, snack, art projects, and physical activity.

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