Fall 2020 Task Force updates

Dear Eagle Ridge Academy Families,

My son Jamison recently graduated from high school with the Class of 2020! They chose the saying, “Class of 2020, Class of Perfect Vision.” What a great tagline that was when they chose it this past October! However, with the times we are in right now, 2020 seems anything but perfect vision. I find myself thirsting for clarity and truth, yet we keep getting bombarded with more uncertainty. I am praying and constantly pursuing the virtues of patience and empathy right now. The sooner we are able to come to the realization that uncertainty is the certainty and that flexibility is a commodity right now, the more focused we will be on the future.

The future of education, especially the start of school this fall of 2020, is at the forefront of my mind. As an organization, we need to come together to develop plans for next year and to develop a mindset that will allow us to pivot at a moment’s notice.

In the May 7 edition of the Eagle Eye, we invited volunteers to participate in the Fall 2020 Task Force, which is now made up of more than 30 parents and faculty members. The task force is an advisory team that is responsible for presenting plans to the Eagle Ridge Academy Board of Directors for final approval and whose purpose is to research and develop plans in order to deliver a high quality Classical Education in a safe environment.

The task force will develop multiple plans in order to be ready for different situations that may present themselves throughout the school year. The Fall 2020 Task Force has five different subgroups:

  •  Curriculum and Instruction: Develop plans to deliver a high quality Classical Education to include:
    • Classical Education Assurance
    • Distance Learning Plan
    • Professional Development
    • Scheduling
    • Curriculum Implementation
  •  Technology: Determine technology systems that support teachers and students to deliver and receive a high quality Classical Education.
  •  Operations and Public Safety: Develop support systems that ensure students receive a high quality Classical Education in a safe environment.
  •  Special Service Delivery: Remove barriers by providing individual support to receive a high quality Classical Education.
  •  Human Resources: Ensure compliance with state and federal laws, adapt staffing structure to match the instructional delivery and budget model, and   provide resources for staff to help them stay positively engaged and be the best versions of themselves.

The task force will work in five stages:

  • Group assignment and group norms
  • Information seeking: staff and community surveys, small group discussions, data review, and expert advice
  • Planning and feedback
  • ERA Board of Directors consideration
  • Professional Development and implementation

The most valuable thing we can do right now is to develop a growth mindset and understand that information will change. Our goal is to be on-site as safely as possible. A high quality Classical Education is best served when in-person instruction is able to occur. However, we also know that ERA must have an online option for families that have medical conditions that make them susceptible and for families that are just not ready to physically return.


Jason Ulbrich

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