Facility Rental

Karen ConnerOperations Manager
Interested in renting our facilities for your event? Contact Operations Manager Karen Conner via email for details.

The Auditorium at Eagle Ridge Academy seats 417 audience members and has been used to host concerts, plays, speakers, and movie screenings. Renters has access to the light and sound booth, __ choir risers, and __ chairs and music stands if requested.

The Gymnasium at Eagle Ridge Academy features a full-sized basketball court, fold down bleachers, and an upper walking track. There is capability to divide the gym in half using a drop-down divider.

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The Forum and Solarium at Eagle Ridge Academy include tables to seat __. The kitchen may be utilized by trained renters.

Classrooms of various sizes are available for rent and include projector capabilities, desks, chairs, and whiteboards.

The Athletic Fields at Eagle Ridge Academy include a U12 soccer field and two fenced tennis courts.