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Graduation Info

Graduation Details

Forthcoming as the year goes on!

Senior Class of 2019

Important information for the Senior Class of 2018 will be posted here throughout the school year.

  • Senior Photos and Baby Photo: Due December 20. 

    Email your digital senior photo to Ms. Emma Conner as an attachment with the last and first name of your child,

    Your photographer may send the photo on your behalf.  Photos must be in portrait orientation (taller than is wide) and you file must be a high resolution JPEG between 500 MB and 5KB.

    Senior photos and baby photos are due the last day before winter break, December 20 at 3:00pm.

    Questions may be directed to Ms. Emma Conner,

Legacy Award and Scholarship – Due May 1

Click Here to Download Application as a Word Document (2018)

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