• Defined: be a good citizen, contribute to the school, be a good student, be responsible
  • In action: pick up after yourself, pay attention, don’t vandalize the school or property, be helpful, recite the Pledge
  • Defined: having a conscience, dignity, morals, academic honesty, being trustworthy, honorable, having common sense
  • In action: admitting wrongdoing, standing up for what you feel is right, completing homework on time
  • Defined: endure through hardships, focus, don’t give up, accomplish goals
  • In action: do your best, don’t get discouraged, get extra help if you need it, ask questions
  • Defined: honesty, take pride in your self, recognize value, fairness
  • In action: honor these even if you do not like them, show respect, stand up for others, say hello to other students and teachers
  • Defined: always doing your best, taking pride in your work, behaving and working above the average
  • In action: care for what you are working on, excel at what you do, push yourself
  • Defined: kindness, appropriate speech, politeness, self-control, listening to authority figures
  • In action: listening to, and following directions, accepting responsibility for actions, standing up for yourself, take care of yourself/others/the environment