Are there extra-curricular activities?2017-06-05T15:42:12-05:00

Yes, the Academy and the International School of Minnesota, located in Eden Prairie, have joined together to offer a variety of extra-curricular athletic activities, including middle school and Minnesota State High School League soccer, basketball and track and field.  In addition, the Academy has many afterschool activities that are offered each semester.

What role do parents play at the Academy?2017-06-05T15:41:59-05:00

Eagle Ridge Academy was created and is governed by parents and educators.  All families are welcome to volunteer service to the school.

Are uniforms required?2017-07-28T13:10:12-05:00

Yes, Academy students are required to wear a uniform.  More information on the Eagle Ridge Academy uniform may be found here.

What kinds of courses are offered?2017-06-05T15:40:56-05:00

Students at the Academy study core academics at every grade level, including History, Geography, Literature, grammar, math, Science, Music, and Art.  Depending on their grade, students also study Latin, Logic and Rhetoric.

Which curriculum does the Academy use?2017-06-05T15:40:44-05:00

The Academy is using the Core Knowledge Sequence developed by E.D. Hirsch for grades K-8.  The Sequence is a challenging and proven curriculum now being used with positive results in over 450 schools across the country.

The high school curriculum combines a classical framework and Socratic seminars to draw out each student’s inner curiosity and passion.  It also asks all students to aim for their highest good in everything they try, and to aspire to mirror the efforts and achievements of outstanding historical personalities.  In this environment, high achievement by students will be valued, encouraged, and rewarded.

The Academy uses Saxon math at every grade level.  Students are ability-grouped which allows students to begin coursework at their skill level and progress to the next level once mastery is obtained.

What about transportation to and from school?2017-06-05T15:40:12-05:00

The Academy has contracted a private bus company, Metropolitan Transportation Network, to provide transportation to and from school.  By law, students living within the Eden Prairie school district ride the bus at no charge.

What is the school day like?2017-06-05T15:39:57-05:00

The Upper School has an eight period day with classes beginning at 8:00 a.m. and ending at 3:10 p.m.  Classes are fifty minutes long and are held every day.  The K-5 day begins at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 3:00 p.m.

Where is the Academy located?2017-06-05T15:39:39-05:00

Our K-12 school campus is located in a serene, wooded setting at 11111 Bren Road W. near the intersection of Bren Road and Shady Oak Road in Minnetonka.