Letter from the Executive Director

Jason Ulbrich

Thank you for visiting the Eagle Ridge Academy website! Eagle Ridge Academy is a Classical, College Preparatory Charter School serving students and families in grades kindergarten through 12th . At Eagle Ridge Academy we follow the pursuit of “Veritas, Pulchritudo, Probitas”; identifying in Latin the central tenants of our school: Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.

Eagle Ridge Academy was established in 2004 serving grades 6th , 7th and 9th . Eagle Ridge Academy now serves over 1,240 students. Our mission is to provide our students with a traditional, Classical Education that demands their best in academic achievement, behavior and attitude and challenges them to attain their highest potential.

Eagle Ridge offers an academically rigorous school that uses a time tested, classical, liberal arts curriculum. Our vision is to:

  • Prepare students to be exemplary and knowledgeable citizens
  • Instill a life-long passion for learning
  • Value self-discipline, respect, perseverance and achievement
  • Teach truth, beauty, and goodness
  • Foster an appreciation for the United States of America and her unique role in the world

As the Executive Director of Eagle Ridge Academy, my purpose is to ensure we do not compromise the mission and vision, which would weaken the school. The following values will support our mission and vision and set us apart from other public schools:

  • Eagle Ridge Academy is a School of Choice: ERA is a charter school and thus a school of choice for students and parents. When you choose Eagle Ridge Academy as your school, you accept the mission and goals and agree to support them.
  • Academics and Learning Come First at Eagle Ridge Academy: ERA is first and foremost an academic and learning institution. We will prepare all our students for enrollment in institutions of higher learning and instill a life-long passion for learning. We want our students to be successful in areas other than academics and understand that participation in other activities make a well-rounded person. ERA is an academically rigorous program. Teachers do not inflate grades, our graduation standards are higher than most public schools, and students will need to work hard outside the school day because they will have homework and studies similar to postsecondary schooling.

  • Eagle Ridge Teachers are Professionals: Eagle Ridge Academy hires teachers who are experts in their fields. Our teachers and principals are professionals; we treat them as we would doctors, lawyers, and architects. Students and parents have the right to voice concerns; ultimately the teachers and principals determine the instructional practices.
  • Eagle Ridge is a Place of Respect: It is the responsibility of ERA staff to provide a positive, safe and secure environment for students. We care enough about your child to communicate honestly and directly with parents and to hold students accountable. Our goal is to teach students to self-govern. With self-governance, comes liberty. Students who refuse to follow basic ERA rules will receive consequences to encourage compliance. We expect students to follow our pillars: CIPHER, Citizenship, Integrity, Perseverance, Honor, Excellence, and Respect.
  • Eagle Ridge Academy Students wear Uniforms: By choosing ERA, you choose to have your child follow our uniform policy. Eagle Ridge Academy maintains an official standard of dress, complete with a school uniform that must be worn every day. The dress code: 1) underscores the Academy’s seriousness of purpose by encouraging students to think of their attire as an aspect of their work; 2) eliminates the self-consciousness and social competition which popular fashion tends to promote; and 3) fosters a sense of identity with the Academy.

Thank you for your interest and dedication to Eagle Ridge Academy!

Jason Ulbrich, Executive Director