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Uniforms, Spirit Wear, Formal Dress & Free Dress Day

Eagle Ridge Academy maintains an official standard of dress, complete with a school uniform that must be worn every day. The Academy has a primary objective of developing a school dedicated to the highest standards of academics and deportment. The uniform policy and dress code underscores the Academy’s seriousness of purpose by encouraging students to think of their attire as an aspect of their work;helps to eliminate self-consciousness and social competition; places the emphasis for school culture on scholarship; and fosters a sense of identity with the Academy. We ask not only for the student’s commitment to this concept but for the parent’s as well. Formal uniforms are required for school-sponsored activities, such as field trips, school pictures, and concerts.

2016-2017 Dress Code:
School of Grammar
School of Logic
School of Rhetoric 

PE Uniform Information (K-12)

*Going into 6th Grade? Uniform Policy changes between School of Grammar and School of Logic

Dress Code Powerpoints:
*School of Grammar Powerpoint
*School of Logic and Rhetoric Uniform Powerpoint 

Spirit Wear Day Guidelines
2016-17 Spirit Wear Dates:  Sept. 16, Oct. 14, Nov. 22, Dec. 16, Jan. 13, Feb. 17, March 17, April 7, May 5

Spirit Wear Day is a day that students K-12 can wear any Spirit Wear and Uniform combinations. (No street wear & the shoe policy still applies)  

Formal Dress Guidelines
2016-17 Formal Dress Dates:  Sept. 28, Nov. 11, Feb. 15 
Lower School (K-5) formal dress for girls:  White polo shirt with ERA logo, Plaid Skort or Jumper or Khaki pants, brown or black dress shoes.
Lower School (K-5) formal dress for boys:  Burgundy polo with ERA logo, Khaki pants, brown or black dress shoes.

Upper School (6-12) formal dress for girls:  White long sleeve oxford shirt or princess cut blouse, burgundy plaid skirt, brown or black dress shoes.
Upper School (6-12) formal dress for boys:  White long sleeve oxford shirt, solid burgundy tie, khaki pants, solid brown or black leather belt with standard buckle, brown or black dress shoes. 

*K-12 Girls - If tights are worn, black tights are the only approved formal dress. Leggings are not part of the formal uniform.

If an extra layer is needed for warmth the uniform sweater may be added to the formal dress uniform; sweatshirts and fleeces are not part of the formal dress uniform.   

Free Dress Day Guidelines
2016-17 Free Dress Day Dates:
 Oct. 7, Dec. 21, March 24, May 26

All shoes must have backs, boots are permitted. Long and short sleeve shirts are permitted. No strapless, spaghetti straps, or sleeveless tops are permitted. Jeans are permitted; however, jeans with immodest rips in them are not. Sweat pants are permitted. Any logos on clothing must be school appropriate. Shirts are not to be tied back with elastic bands, but may be untucked. Heels should be no more than 1”. Skirt and shorts length should be modest, and no more than 2” above the knee. Costumes and masks should not be worn. No hats are permitted. Leggings and yoga pants can only be worn with modest shirts, tunics, shorts, and skirts.



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