Eagle Ridge Academy and the International School of Minnesota, located in Eden Prairie, have joined together to offer a variety of extra-curricular activities during the school year.

Debate hones the faculties of logic, reasoning, analysis, and critical thinking, preparing students to succeed in school, college, leadership, and life. Debaters practice both written and oral communication, learning how to persuade and convince through evidence and reason. Students prepare cases both for and against the resolution, so they learn to look at an issue from all angles. High school debate is a competitive intramural speaking activity. Several debate formats exist, but LincolnDouglas (LD) Debate, modeled after the famous Illinois senatorial debates of 1858, is the most widely practiced and accessible. The original Lincoln-Douglas debates focused mostly on slavery, and LD debate maintains this tradition by engaging students with the most salient and thorny ethical and moral questions of our time. 
Debate (Gr. 7-12)
Debate Coach: Mr. Derek Gegner 
One day per week (Wednesday) 
Rm. 1611 
Registration Fee: $180.00 (per student)
Season: October - April
* Registrations are not complete and students are not eligible to compete until payment has been received. Your registration will automatically add your student's name to the Debate roster.  Should you register and then decide to not join Debate, please contact the ERA Activity Specialist - Mrs. Strand:  There is a $75.00 withdrawal fee.
*To complete this registration, you will need to submit a registration fee of $180.00 per student. Payment can be made by check payable to Eagle Ridge Academy with "Debate" in the memo line. (No cash) You can also pay online through your Infinite Campus account. If paying by check.  please send your registration fee in a sealed envelope marked “Debate” to the ERA Activity office near Door 2.