PTO Board Responsibilities

PTO BYLAWS (Amended 3.13.14)

Further Defined Duties of the roles:

8.2 President. The President will: 

a) Preside at all Board, General and Special meetings; 

b) Cooperate with the Director of Eagle Ridge Academy and the school’s Board of Directors to maintain a supportive relationship between the school and the PTO; 

c) Guide the group in compliance with and pursuit of its mission and goals; 

d) Appoint special committees when needed; 

e) Provide a summary year-end report of his/her year in office to give the new President. 

8.3 Vice-President. The Vice-President will: 

a) Act as an aide to the President, upon request, and assume the duties of the President during his/her absence; 

b) Preside over the membership enrollment, including conducting an active membership campaign throughout the school year; 

c) Sign checks on behalf of the PTO in the absence of the Treasurer; 

d) Provide a written year-end report to the new Vice-President. 

8.4 Secretary. The Secretary will: 

a) Record in written form all business transacted at each  meeting of the PTO; 

b) attend the majority of PTO meetings;

c) Submit a copy of the minutes to all officers prior to the next meeting; 

d) Present the minutes for approval at the General meetings, and ensure they are posted in a timely manner to the PTO website; 

e) Keep attendance records for all meetings; 

f) Notify PTO members of special meetings called by the Board at least seven (7) days prior to such meetings; 

g) Maintain PTO email account and manage email communications;

h) act as a back-up to the Corresponding Secretary in their absence;

i) Provide a written year-end report to the new Secretary.

8.5 Treasurer. The Treasurer will: 

a) Handle all funds of the PTO and will give a financial report of the collections and expenditures and call attention to any unusual items at each General and Board meeting; 

b) Provide a written Year-to-Date and annual financial statement at each PTO general meeting; 

c) Sign all checks on behalf of the PTO; 

d) Maintain an accurate account of all receipts, disbursements and other pertinent financial information as it pertains to events and purchases sponsored by the PTO; 

e) Disburse funds approved by the Board. All members of the Board must be notified of requests for reimbursement of non-budgeted items up to $50.00 without membership approval. A majority of the Board must approve the purchase; 

f) File required tax forms by the end of the fiscal year; 

g) Provide a written year-end report to the new Treasurer. 

8.6 Corresponding Secretary. The Corresponding Secretary will: 

a) Act as back-up to the Secretary in the Secretary’s absence;

b) attend the majority of PTO meetings;

c) prepare any electronic correspondence and publicity for the organization as needed, including website maintenance/freshness, Facebook pages, and periodic newsletters;  (approx. 2 hours per month)

d) Conduct the fall PTO Drive;  (approx. 2-3 hours in August)

e) Prepare the Family/School Directory as soon as possible after the start of the school year; (approx. 15 hours in October)

f) Coordinate and manage Give To The Max Day and the associated website; (approx. 10-15 hours in November)

g) Coordinate and manage the online auction part of the GALA; (approx. 15-25 hours in February)

h) Submit a written report detailing responsibility and recommendations to the future board by fiscal year end. 

8.7 Volunteer Coordinator. The Volunteer Coordinator will: 

a) Develop and maintain a list of volunteers compiled from a PTO questionnaire sent out at the beginning of the school year; 

b) Work with school staff to upload family information into a Volunteer database; 

c) Disperse volunteer lists to appropriate committee chairs; 

d) Recruit chairs and volunteers as needed for the PTO committees and events; 

e) Maintain updated list of committees and coordinator positions and responsibilities related to each; 

f) Submit a written report detailing responsibility and recommendations to the future board by fiscal year end. 

8.8 Teacher Liaison. The Teacher Liaison (a current Eagle Ridge Faculty member) will: 

a) Attend or send a representative to all general membership PTO meetings; 

b) Act as advisor and liaison between faculty/staff and the PTO; 

c) Help maintain open lines of communication between parents and teachers; 

d) Help coordinate PTO-sponsored activities in the classroom; 

e) Report on current Teacher activities within Eagle Ridge Academy; 

f) Report to teachers on PTO activities. 

9.2 Fundraising Coordinator. The Fundraising Coordinator(s), if any, will: 

a) Advertise and promote the fundraising efforts approved by the Executive Board of the PTO; 

b) Ensure that fundraising activities comply with the purpose, goals and bylaws of the PTO; 

c) Inform the Executive Board at least monthly of current fundraising activities; 

d) coordinate large fundraising efforts such as GALA, GTTM.

d) Attend or send a representative to all general PTO meetings in which fundraising activities will be discussed.