Technology and Classical Education

The Classical Co-op is comprised of a group of faculty and staff passionate about Classical Education. Since its origin in 2011, the Classical Co-op has established a robust Classical environment for staff, students, and parents including a Classical Teacher Certificate Program; parent book studies, trainings, and guest speakers; and the training and implementation of teaching techniques to cultivate wisdom and virtue within our students. The most recent work of the Co-op has focused on the role of technology in the Classical tradition. In its search for the answer, the Co-op engaged in thoughtful contemplation and careful research to document the use of technology at Eagle Ridge Academy as we seek to enrich, ennoble, and educate our students. “Technology in the Classical Tradition: Eagle Ridge Academy” is the final document presented by the Co-op to communicate the Academy’s beliefs on the role of technology here at Eagle Ridge Academy. As you read through the list of statements, please consider the words of Dr. Christopher Perrin, author, consultant, and speaker on Classical Education:

“Education is the cultivation of our human faculties, like words and reasoning. If we replace a human faculty with technology, the human faculty is diminished. If we can show that we are using technology to cultivate the virtues in our children and students, then it has a case.”

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